Who We Are

In alphabetical order (drum roll, please…)

Peter Crane

Aka “The Swamp Thing.” Once upon a time (about a year ago) Peter The Swamp Thing Crane had never heard of rottentomatoes.com. Because of this major oversight, Peter The Swamp Thing Crane subjected himself to lousy movies on a regular basis, usually viewing said films by himself. It was a dark time. Then, messengers of light along with the Prince of Darkness (see below) came to Peter The Swamp Thing Crane and enlightened his path. Though he still subjects himself to lousy movies on a weekly basis, he now does it knowing beforehand that the film about to be viewed is indeed lousy and also views them with a support group to help point out the lousier points of the movie, thereby making Peter The Swamp Thing Crane, a better Peter The Swamp Thing Crane. the end.

Aaron Dickey

I like movies…. yeah that’s given. I also like art and design. And video games. or reading. Reading is good. Not much else to say really. I usually end up over at the house painting and subjecting myself to the mental torture of these movies people find for us to watch…. I feel brain cells atrophying just remembering it.

Matt Fisher


Brad Garrett

I play host to most of these shenanigans, thanks to the 61″ Samsung HDTV that, according to the fine folks at Arthur Andersen, I was able to afford in early 2007. Many years ago, while watching Freejack, I came to the realization that movies could actually fill me with an equal mixture of hatred and fatigue. That day I swore my revenge, and now it is being meted out on a near-weekly basis at my abode.

Nathan Hutcheon

I have been there from the beginning—and before. As a charter member of TNFLMN, I have seen its seminal origins—the first few truly lousy flicks. Names like Kamodo vs. Cobra still hold meaning in my heart. I am a veteran—a jaded and cynical. Mere mediocrity no longer moves me. I have moved on to seek those movies that transcend the dismal and pathetic to achieve the plane of the truly horrendous. I look lousy movies in the eye… and laugh at their folly.

Mark Johnson

I’m the guy who brings the food.

Paul Johnson


Ben Kammer


Danny McNight

TBA??? Where did I go? Oh nooooo…

Matt Moreau

Gives a salute to all nations, but mostly America.

Davey McNight

I pride myself as the youngest member of this noble cause. My aka is “Booby O’Malley” and I am the complainer of this group. I make it known to the movie “requester” especially Brad that you suck on all degrees, and that I hate you and the ground you walk on. I am a fan of the black culture and appreciate movies like Crossover. I want this group to love the culture. (Hence dressing ghetto and going to Movie Gallery and renting Crossover….) I see lousy movies all around me and I do not want these no-talent hacks that produced such lies to shallow, thick-headed, uncultured, uneducated, untrained patrons, to go without severe castigation. This group will show you light. And the fact that within such Darkness of these pieceofcraphorsemanure films, there is still hope to the American Dream of the pursuit of happiness.

Tom Mount

Aka “Music Man,” I bring to the table a love of music and a loathing of lousiness, which often combines with disturbing results, such as purchasing soundtracks to lousy movies the day after viewing them. While my fellow viewers pick on famous actors doing infamous movies, I pick on famous composers doing infamous movies. My personal favorites were Stealth and Wing Commander, both of which were unnecessarily over-the-top, a true hallmark of lousiness.

Jordan Poss

I came to the Lousy Movie experience through Komodo vs. Cobra in the prehistory days. Though my distant remove precludes regular endurance of TNFLMN, I make the event a priority whenever I happen to be in town. I’m a writer, history and literature buff, sometime blogger, and chronic bachelor. I can therefore be counted on for snide and bitter comments toward onscreen love interests and arcane historico-literary references. I also have the dubious distinction of having worked on a multi-Crummy nominee, Appalachian Trial.

David Siglin

A man of modest means who occasionally feels the need for self flagellation via bad movies. I’ve been enjoying Mystery Science Theater 3000 since highschool and while, sadly, that show ended there is no end in sight for TNFLMN. The guys on MST3K were forced to endure. At TNFLMN we gladly endure for, while fleeting, the glory and joy of a truly lousy movie is boundless. As Sam Bray once so aptly said – “Humor is perceived incongruity.” Thanks for that, Sam.