I like basketball, and the occasional And1 tournaments are great. But a street ball movie staring Wayne Brady is another story.

Crossover Wayne Brady

Crossover first of all has a no-name cast, and for the sake of humanity pray that it will stay as a no-name cast. Anthony Mackie stars as the stereotypical arrogant baller who wants to get to the NBA right away and skip the education process. The problem is he is not good enough. Wesley Johnathon, who is his best friend in this story, has the talent, but gets a scholarship offer from UCLA. He was the talent to go to the NBA but does not want it. Wayne Brady is the “evil” sports agent who wants to get these kids contracts. The overall theme of this movie is for kids to put education above the sports you play. Good message but terrible execution.

There are many ridiculous parts in this movie. First of all, why the heck is Wayne Brady in this movie? The entire time I was waiting for him to break it down into a song, or for him to start playing charades. The movie portrayed Wayne Brady as this evil sports agent. The movie showed Brady as this greedy agent because he wanted to make money off these kids, but the movie fails to show the fact that Brady, in the meantime, would be making money for the kids. That is called capitalism I think. Second, there is the great script. What the heck man. This movie sucked at getting the point across. The flirt scenes were ridiculous and retarded. Those scenes left you hopeless and awkward, and wishing the freaking movie would just stop.

Lastly, the ultimate what the heck part was when the protagonist (i.e. I am a freaking moronic human wasteland and I eat my own poop) turns down a NBA contract to go to a Motown Community College. Are you freaking kidding me? Are you serious? YES the movie was serious. In the movie’s eyes the decision was noble. Yeah great man. You turned down a Millions of $$$$$$$$ to go to community college. Yeah that is the stupidest character of all time. Yeah, he does not deserve to live.

Overall this movie sucked, sucked, sucked some more. I hate street ball now, I hate Wayne Brady, I hate Detroit, I hate community college, I hate And1, and I hate anything to do with this genre of The movie rotted so bad, it was miserable to watch, and left you crying and begging for mercy. This movie beat us all. This is the worst movie of all time without of doubt. 1/5

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