Season 3 Early Nominations

Incomprehensible Plot
The Octagon
Johnny Mnemonic

Audience Line
“How do you like those apples?” – Brade, Hackers
“Welcome back to the force. Here’s your suspenders and thong.” – Kammer, Death Wish 3
“All I know is I paid for someone named Johnny.” – Matt, Johnny Mnemonic
“So yeah, I have that ability.” – Brade, Johnny Mnemonic

Supporting Character
Pontiac Ninja – The Octagon

Special Features
Hacking the DVD – Hackers

Romantic Scene
Chuck, MJ, and scythes – The Octagon
“Sex” – Demolition Man

Hard Cash Award
Death Wish 3

Best Scene
“Cash” – Death Wish 3

Achievement in Sound Effects
Death Wish 3

Individual Pwnage
Freeze and Decap – Demolition Man
Dolphin vs. False Prophet – Johnny Mnemonic

Dumb-A Award
Paul bringing Michelle
Captain not moving back a step – Speed 2: Cruise Control

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