What’s the Deal Here?

We exist to revile the worst films in world cinema history. Our rating scale is as follows:

  • 5/5 — The essence of lousy. Films that befuddle and delight the audience with just the right mix of big budget, sorry script, and pure pointlessness.
  • 4/5 — Films that bring us a new awareness of the futile and pathetic. They elicit ample laughter and commentary but may cause us to bat our eyes with exhaustion at certain times.
  • 3/5 — Movies that produce a lukewarm effect on the soul. While obviously poor and fun to lambaste, they yet manage to induce catnaps for noticeable stretches.
  • 2/5 — Films that cause us to question why we do what we do. We expected to mock, but managed only to scorn.
  • 1/5 — Movies that suck all semblance of camaraderie and zest for life out of the room. When the final credits roll, a feeling of utter loss sweeps over the viewers, and we realize we were beaten.